Why StageOne

With StageOne Pro, designers take CENTER STAGE

At StageOne we are all too familiar with the challenges of making a design project come together. For years, we have made our name in New York as one of the premier staging services for real estate developers and have successfully outfitted countless residential and hospitality spaces with that perfect look. Our experience in this field has made us keenly aware of the need for a resource which truly covers the comprehensive wants of interior designers.

Designers generally have a very meticulous and particular vision in mind, yet often struggle when it comes to properly organizing it and conveying the details to a laymen client. With various logistical and technical factors contributing to the different aspects of a project, it’s easy to get bogged down with misunderstandings and precious time is wasted on simply streamlining the client relation process. StageOne set out to find a solution to these technical and logistical challenges.

For Designers, By Designers

After extensive research and planning, we are proud to introduce you to StageOne Pro, a cutting-edge service that will manage your entire design project from that initial burst of inspiration through successful completion. Each facet of this platform was created by designers and with designers in mind. The thousands of items showcased on our website can be sorted and filtered as desired and our virtual vision boards enables you to envision, compare, and contrast. Once the items are chosen and design is completed, having the customer review the specs and place their purchase orders will be just a breeze.

We believe that our product is just what your business needs. The user-friendly interface and the numerous tasks covered by this platform will save you invaluable time and significantly improve communication with your clients.